How to Have Happy Kids When Traveling

Sometimes the weather is warmer and the day long, which means travel time! It’s time to visit family and go on vacation. Of course, this can mean long driving times. If you have young children, driving a car for a long time can be a great challenge but using rental24h car rentals is simple.

Here are five strategies that make you scream:

1. Make it educational.

Take some geography lessons with your children before embarking on a trip. Talk about the place or places you will visit and show them the route you will take. Let them get a card in their rolls (if you have one), and while driving, they can pretend to give you instructions and explain the places or places you talked about before the trip.

You can also use travel time to practice reading and math skills. Spend time reading to your children or ask them to read fun and high-quality books. Also, let your children practice the mathematical concepts they were fighting or learning in the last year.

2. Make it fun

When you travel, make yourself a travel bag. Put some favorite games for each child and some special games designed just for walks. The bag must remain within reach of the child’s seat so that he can access his belongings at all times.

You can also play travel games like “I Spy” and find cars, license plates and other games of specific colors. Or you can let your children spin in their games.

3. Keep it silent

It’s good to keep children busy while traveling, but you don’t have to entertain them all the time. Set specific intervals for times of silence.

If you take a nap regularly at home or plan a quiet time, it shouldn’t be too difficult to spend a quiet time in the car. However, if you don’t have quiet moments regularly (and I highly recommend it), you can still encourage your children.

4. Make them talk

Take some time during your trip to talk with your children. You will be surprised what you will learn about your children, including your children!

What should you talk about? Talk about what you will do during your visit or vacation. Ask open questions. Talk about the books they read or the movies they watched together. Just spend some time listening to your children. Discover who they are and what they love. Allow your child or children to specify the address of the conversation.

5. Make a regular stop

Of course, we all want to reach our destination as soon as possible. However, if you plan to take a break as part of your trip, children can spend some energy, extend and make the trip less stressful. By the way, stopping the extension is not only beneficial for children but also suitable for you.

Simple idea: plan a ride at a rest stop or a nearby park or tourist destination using rental24h car rentals. If you bring your meals, you can save money by not paying ridiculously high prices in the comfort zone, which is also healthier.