Tips for a safe road trip around Australia:

  1. Before leaving, make standard copies and scanned copies of all documents.

Send the scanned copies to your e-mail, and put the standard copies in several different places – believe me, this is very useful if your passport is stolen.

  1. Do not carry a lot of cash with you – especially in one pocket.

Moreover, it is better to pay with a credit card- at least if it is stolen, you can always call the bank and block cash withdrawal from it (it is better to take care of the bank number in advance – it is not a fact that the Internet will be on hand during the trip).


  1. People say that if you put a photograph of a small child in your wallet, the chances, that the wallet will be returned, increase significantly. Try it!

  2. Do not exchange money from locals.

It is better to overpay a bit in official currency exchanges than to get counterfeit money.

  1. Snakes, spiders, crocodiles and sharks.

They are a lot of them in Australia. If you go to protected areas, correlate your routes with safety information and specify what lives here. Otherwise, there is a risk of encountering a not-too-friendly fist-sized spider or a poisonous snake. Do not walk without shoes, watch carefully where you put up the tent, if you choose camping.

  1. Watch the weather forecast in advance.

Australia is a hot country, but it rains at almost any time of the year. Moreover, take water with you, trying to replenish it at any opportunity. You can take water in the springs, but you should not drink from flowing rivers and streams.

  1. Most public places in Australia are non-smoking.

This is a social norm, so the signs are not everywhere. Check the places if you do not want a law enforcement officer to approach you with a logical question.

  1. Be extra careful when traveling around the country by car.

A kangaroo often crosses the road, and the forests and fields are dry. A random cigarette stub can lead to fire.

  1. There are significant distances between cities.

In case you drive a rented car and stay away from civilization, be vigilant. There are usually many warning signs. If it is a wild beach, there will be some designations regarding flows, rocks and other things. When you do not see such signs, your attentiveness remains the key to security.


All in all, Australia is a wonderful and friendly place for your trip. Simple rules, mentioned above might increase your chances to avoid any issues during your journey significantly.

How to Have Happy Kids When Traveling

Sometimes the weather is warmer and the day long, which means travel time! It’s time to visit family and go on vacation. Of course, this can mean long driving times. If you have young children, driving a car for a long time can be a great challenge but using rental24h car rentals is simple.

Here are five strategies that make you scream:

1. Make it educational.

Take some geography lessons with your children before embarking on a trip. Talk about the place or places you will visit and show them the route you will take. Let them get a card in their rolls (if you have one), and while driving, they can pretend to give you instructions and explain the places or places you talked about before the trip.

You can also use travel time to practice reading and math skills. Spend time reading to your children or ask them to read fun and high-quality books. Also, let your children practice the mathematical concepts they were fighting or learning in the last year.

2. Make it fun

When you travel, make yourself a travel bag. Put some favorite games for each child and some special games designed just for walks. The bag must remain within reach of the child’s seat so that he can access his belongings at all times.

You can also play travel games like “I Spy” and find cars, license plates and other games of specific colors. Or you can let your children spin in their games.

3. Keep it silent

It’s good to keep children busy while traveling, but you don’t have to entertain them all the time. Set specific intervals for times of silence.

If you take a nap regularly at home or plan a quiet time, it shouldn’t be too difficult to spend a quiet time in the car. However, if you don’t have quiet moments regularly (and I highly recommend it), you can still encourage your children.

4. Make them talk

Take some time during your trip to talk with your children. You will be surprised what you will learn about your children, including your children!

What should you talk about? Talk about what you will do during your visit or vacation. Ask open questions. Talk about the books they read or the movies they watched together. Just spend some time listening to your children. Discover who they are and what they love. Allow your child or children to specify the address of the conversation.

5. Make a regular stop

Of course, we all want to reach our destination as soon as possible. However, if you plan to take a break as part of your trip, children can spend some energy, extend and make the trip less stressful. By the way, stopping the extension is not only beneficial for children but also suitable for you.

Simple idea: plan a ride at a rest stop or a nearby park or tourist destination using rental24h car rentals. If you bring your meals, you can save money by not paying ridiculously high prices in the comfort zone, which is also healthier.

Car Rental Service – Reasons to Use car rental

In the event that you are intending to take your family for a get-away or going for business, it is imperative to enlist the services of a decent car rental organization. Leasing a car can be a costly undertaking; in this manner, it is essential to consider cutting expenses by looking for service suppliers. The fall in estimation of recycled cars and a declining economy is compelling a considerable lot of the organizations to audit their costs downwards. The significance of contracting trustworthy car rentals incorporates more at rental24h car rental:

· Convenient booking services

There is a great deal of rivalry in the engine vehicle rental industry. So as to pull in the a lot of clients, a considerable lot of the main organizations are searching for better methods for getting great business. A portion of these organizations have introduced internet booking offices. This sort of office causes it feasible for the client to book effectively to and advantageously from the sheltered limits of their homes.

· Get quality services

Clients have the chance to browse various arrangements and bundles intended to provide food for various needs. Clients get the opportunity to look from changed service suppliers and to waitlist the best. The organizations’ online offices make it workable for the clients to contrast costs and with pick their preferred cars. Clients can choose their favored car models at limited rates. By perusing the client audits, you will almost certainly locate the correct organization.

· Professional drivers

All legitimate car rental services share this for all intents and purpose: they give experienced, gifted drivers. These drivers know well the areas, headings and course in their region. This guarantees their clients get to their goal effectively and rapidly. This is especially significant on the off chance that you are running late for your gathering or you are curious about the locale. The drivers procured by these organizations will get you to your goal on schedule. Moreover, the drivers are polite this guarantees your ride is charming and tranquil.

· Price for each spending limit

The rates offered by numerous individuals of the legitimate organizations are moderate. You have the chance of picking a car that accommodates your financial limit. The organization will be in a situation to suggest a model, service and length of movement relying upon your spending limit. When picking an organization it is critical to abstain from picking an organization painfully based on cost. The nature of service and ownership of a substantial permit should be contemplated. By perusing the client audits you will almost certainly decide the organization’s nature of service.


There are a few organizations accessible for this single direction car rental premise and be that as it may, a few offices are not offering this service. Thus, you have to twofold check with this service in the car contracting office which you are choosing. You can peruse in the web and quest for one way rental car offices and get in touch with them through individual or by telephone. A few car procuring organizations are giving this single direction car rental service just for long separation travel alone and they give some unique ideas since you are making a trip to long separation. You have to affirm with those ideas before contracting the car.